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15 December 1997, Huntly Speedway


Issue Number: 7


Another beautifully fine, hot weekend.

Racing was excellent, track was shocking!!!! If you closed your eyes for a second, while on the track, you could quite uncomfortably imagine yourself on the back of a skinny donkey riding on a narrow track, carved out of rock by hand, over the Himalayas'!!! You guessed it, the track was rough.

Both Friday and Saturday night's, the track officials had to call on the grader to level the track surface, mid-meeting.

Friday was the qualifying night for the Standard Stock Champion of New Zealand Trophy. I understand there were 125 Standard Stocks there for qualifying. I also hear that there were some spectacular thrills and spills on Friday night with 2 Modifieds ending up on their roof's, or in the wall.

Saturday was the Waikato Super Saloon Champ's and the Standard Stocks Trophy night. Unfortunately, I did not get to see any of the stockcar racing.

The Super Saloons were, as always, awesome at times. Some close racing and the associated panel damage was always going to happen.

Congrat's to Dean Waddell (2NZ) who took out the title. Our local man Geoff Fletcher (8H) came home in 5th place.
Extra special thanks to Barry (painting), Bill & Matty (signwriting) for having my new bonnet ready for Saturday Night. Thanks again Guy's!

There were 15 Ltd Saloons racing on Saturday night. My car was going very well and I had placings of 10th, DNF and 9th. In the second race I was in 5th place when my engine started knocking, so I 'bailed out' and headed infield. It turned out to be something simple, a rocker had come loose and was not working, which was able to be fixed before the last race.

Good to see Johnny 5 (Frankton Muffler's Brake's & Mechanical) at the track. I'm sure it won't be long before you're back racing, Johnny. To Robo, if you're reading this, A BIG THANK YOU for your assistance on Saturday night.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all, and your families, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Nigel Wilton