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20 October 1997, Pre-Season Update


Issue Number: 2


Oop's. Opening night is this Saturday Night, October 25th, not the 26th as I mentioned in the last newsletter.

Unfortunately I had to cancel the change to a Corvette, at the last minute, so the ever reliable Monza is back on the track again this year.

The car is finally all back in one piece, with just a few adjustments, and pre-season, scrutineering to go. Thanks to John at Artform Steelworks, the new bumpers look great. (For Now!!!)

The car looks awesome thanks to a great paint job from Barry Tidd, Panel & Paint. Thanks mate!!!!

Special thanks to Barry & John at Frankton Muffler's Brakes & Mechanical for their help over winter with both cars. (Barry, bet your glad I didn't paint the race car 'Lime Green, I know it's not your favourite car colour!!)

As you can probably tell, I'm starting to get excited already, with less than a week to go. I hope to see you all at the track at some stage during the year.


I certainly couldn't be out there without it.


Nigel Wilton