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1 October 2000 to 30 September 2001

27 September 2001

I've added a couple of old photo's I found today. They are of the original years Monza at Huntly, and me with the 1st Year Most Improved Driver Trophy, back in 1996/97.

Purchased new Crew shirts for this season (they are even colour coordinated with the car). Look much better than old navy blue T-shirts.

Like some, I won't be going to Bay Park's Opening Night! TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE, especially when every penny counts at the moment to get my car finished and ready to race. I would have liked to gone to the first Opening Night, 20/10/01, but don't see why I should have to pay for BOTH night's. Down right annoying it is!!!!!!

Well, a hell of a lot of activity, hit's, on the site, but not a lot of messages in the Guest book. Hopefully your all happy with what I'm up to here, otherwise I'm sure I would be told. Season starting soon, so expect more photo's week by week, and keep an eye on the point's table.

Catch ya....

21 September 2001

Just heading off to Huntly for registration night. Car going well, nothing else to report.


Catch ya....

14 September 2001

Registration night at Huntly next Friday night. Opening night getting closer!!!


I am looking for a couple of speedway minded people to join the NLW Racing Crew. Ivan, my Crew Chief will be back this year (thanks' mate) when shifts allow, but we need some more regular helpers.

Basically what will be required is 1 night a week to go over the car, polish it, tighten nut's, grease bearings, etc. I will provide an embroidered team shirt and have your overall's (if wanted) embroidered with the Team & sponsors logo's.
Unfortunately I can't afford to pay anyone, but you will receive a Crew membership to the Waikato Stock & Saloon Car Club and get to enjoy a lot of speedway action.

Call me at work 07 846-0009, home 07 824 1930, Mobile 025 881 491 or e-mail


2 September 2001

Sorry, no updates for a couple of weeks. Social calendar has been jammed pack with function's, birthday's, prizegiving's, etc. I have finally got car ready for sandblasters. Head's are done and engine will be assembled shortly. Still hope to be ready for October 13th at Huntly, finger's crossed!!!!

Catch ya...

15 August 2001

Quick update before I go and work on the new car.

Check out the photo's of the Corvette racing down South, in the hands of and colours of her new owner, Kyle Mason. I think you'll agree he has got her looking good.

Progress on my new engine is also going well, thanks' to Cambridge Engine Services. Hopefully everything will be ready (and paid for) by opening night, at Huntly.

See ya....

12 August 2001

You will notice some changes on the web site. This is because I have changed Service providers to stop all of the Fortune City logo's coming up. Please e-mail me or put a note in the guest book to let me know if you have any problems.


9 August 2001

There have been some changes to the Huntly race calendar. Paddy is having trouble with the Huntly site and has passed the info onto me. Check out the calendar page.

I received a call from Kyle, down in Rangiora, the proud new owner of the old NLW Racing Corvette. He tells me he has had a win already at a winter meeting recently. Good on ya mate!!! He has sent me some photo's of his car. I am waiting for them to download as I am typing this.

I have also laid to rest the ghost of the 'Guest Book', by deleting all of the derogatory messages in it. Let us all play fair now, please.

See ya later.....

4 August 2001

Sorry there haven't been many updates.

A big thank you to the Action Man, Shane Bessant. I have two very excited children after receiving there prizes in the July Colouring in Competition on Shane's site. Check it out from MacGor's links.

Roll on speedway season!!!

See ya.....

29 July 2001

Graeme & Matt Addis came down from Auckland today to measure up the new wheels for the Camaro. Very nice people and bloody knowledgeable about their trade. I can strongly recommend them if you need any wheels made, repaired, etc.

See ya....

P.S. Watch this space as I may have secured a photographic deal which will hopefully see a lot more photo's on this site. I will reveal more later.......

26 July 2001

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. Courtesy of a secret source (thanks' Porry???) I can now unveil the great "Hopoate Incident". Following on from the photo below, Barry hit the same wet patch and followed Porry into the wall.

"The Infamous Hopoate Incident"

Believe it or not, Barry actually drove his car out from underneath Porry's car, without a great deal of damage.
I hope you all enjoy this photo as the chances of me getting my car finished now, may be very slim???? Thanks Barry, mate, buddy, pal.

Spent an hour or so with Kevin Moore yesterday discussing the new car and getting a sway bar assembly made up. Had a sit in Kevin's Sprint Car. All I can say about that is "Sprint Car Drivers have very large BALL'S". I found it very restrictive and claustrophobic. With the horsepower they have, bugger that!!

Thanks' for all of your help and support over the years Kevin, I hope thing's go well for YOU in Tauranga.

See ya...

23 July 2001

Bugger!! Should of checked the race programme at the AGM the other night. One small change which I have now updated with Paddy's help. Thank You.

Nothing else to report at this time.

See ya...

18 July 2001

A big thank you to Greg, from Te Awamutu for supplying me with the names to fill the gaps on the Points table for 1999/2000 season. Thank you also for the note in my guest book about Fortune City logo's. I remember MacGor's site having the same problem a while back, so I have sent Gordon a msg to see how he fixed it.

FOR GOD'S SAKE, SOMEONE PLEASE BUY PORRY'S NEW CAR!!! Otherwise he could make a 'big' comeback this season. Check out his one (& only) race last season.

Porry 'in the wall' after hitting a wet patch
on the track, left by another car. This picture
was taken second's before the "Now Infamous"
Barry "Hopoate" Tidd Incident. There is a Photo,
but it is being "guarded" better than the Crown Jewel's.

P.S. In case you can't read what's on the back of Porry's car, it say's "Did I Do That?? The answer!! Well, isn't it obvious???

Season start is not far away now, see ya....

15 July 2001

Well, it's happened again. Saloon car meeting at Porry's today saw Myself, Barry Tidd, Gordon Pollock, Plastic Mike, Jonesy and our Rep Owen the only attendee's! Where was everyone else???? You can't complain about decisions made, or that you didn't know about rule changes, if YOU DON'T ATTEND MEETINGS!

Provisional Huntly race programme has been entered. Check it out!

See ya...

14 July 2001

Check out the New Car page as a bit of work has been done since last week. Sorry updates are a bit slow, but there isn't a great deal happening at the moment. Swap meet at Rotorua tomorrow! Don't think I'll bother after what happened at Huntly. (See 'What's Up 28 May 2001)

Still a lot of visitors. Regular surfers will hopefully note the change of opening page. Thanks' Greg for your comment's in my Guest book.

See ya...

7 July 2001


I can't believe the number of 'hit's' on this site. Thanks' for looking in. Please leave a msg in my guest book on the Home page. It' the only way I'll know if I'm on the right track with this site.

Off to do Battle on the Rugby field shortly. Just a quick update to say thanks' for surfing on in.

Keep your eye on the NEW CAR page as things are progressing well.


30 June 2001

I have finally had some photo's of the new car developed, so check out the new car page.

I understand there has been a bit of shit go down at the prizegiving. Why can't people just enjoy themselves without alcohol and attitudes becoming involved??? To our President's credit, Red, he has congratulated the people who have complained, in writing, with their FULL NAMES and condemned the whiners who hide behind non-de-plumes or no name at all. Good on you Red and I hope that this standard of Leadership will continue.

Anyway, check out MacGor's discussion board for my comments on the lack of foresight of some North Island Tracks regarding Bay Parks Opening Weekend.

See ya....

19 June 2001

Interesting comments from Loose Canon in the guest book!!

This is the first time I have used new computer at home, so if you are reading this OK, then it must be working, yippeee...

See ya...

11 June 2001

Congratulations to the WSSCC for an excellent Cabaret Prizegiving. Over 250 attendee's meant it was the biggest turnout I have seen in 5 years. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves (some a little more than others, of course) with nothing but positive comments about the night. Congratulations to all the winners and it was especially pleasing to see a lot of thank you's to crews, sponsors, partners and fellow competitors, for without them you can't be a winner!!

New Computer arrived on Friday, still learning.

See ya...

8 June 2001

I've just added the Huntly Ltd Saloon Points for the 1999 / 2000 season. Makes an interesting comparison for this years results. There are a few "Sorry's???" on the list of driver's names. If anyone knows who they were, please let me know, by e-mail or in my guest book. Thanks'! (Thank you Sandra for your help)

Don't forget WSSCC Cabaret and prizegiving this weekend.

Still waiting for new computer. When it arrives I will add photo's of new car construction, to date. In the meantime check out the new cars progress to date.

For Sale:

- 9" Diff housing only (no axles) $100
- Petrol Tank for Saloon car. Fits behind drivers seat and is shaped for
wheel to fit. Unsure of size, but would be at least 40 litre tank. $150

See ya at the prizegiving...

31 May 2001

Interesting to hear comments coming back on my 28 May 2001 statement below. It appears I am not the only one to be 'disappointed' by these people??? Oh well, enough said!!!!

There won't be much too report over the next few day's. I will be getting my new computer next week, so I will be up to speed from home, which will impress the Boss no end I'm sure! Keep looking at the new car page for progress!


See ya there...

28 May 2001

Yesterday I went to the Huntly swap meet and 100 lapper. Unfortunately the rain that came and went all day meant conditions weren't that great underfoot, but it is the middle of winter after all. Good to see Martin Halcrow and John O'Halloran make the trek up from Wellington to see us. Hope you had a good day sales wise guys.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for Colin Entwistle & Bruce Beaumont. To say I was disgusted with their attitudes towards a customer (me) would be an understatement. Colin, if you are going to arrive 'late' at a swap meeting, don't expect everyone to still have cash in their pocket's to buy your wares. Unfortunately I had spent my cash earlier and was attempting to purchase a 1/2 length of alloy pipe, by cheque. (After all, a sale by cheque is better than no sale at all, is it not?) Shall we say Colin's performance, over a $40 cheque, was worthy of an 'Oscar'. Not everyone has a million dollar budget and perhaps "Mr Big" dealers, like yourself need to be reminded of this. To Bruce Beaumont, thank you NOT, for your support and at least Colin had a stand at the swap meet.

Only an apology will ever see any of my hard earned money end up in either of your pocket's!

Remember: "Today's Nobody could be Tomorrow's Superstar!"

Would you prefer to be remembered as someone who showed an interest in a beginner or as the person who was too up themselves to care!! Obviously, neither of you can remember back to when you were "just nobody, beginners?"

On a brighter note, well done to the organisers of the swap meet & 100 lapper.

25 May 2001

I'm very sorry there has not been a great deal of visible activity on my site. Unfortunately I have not been able to publish any updates due to a 'Server' problem with my website provider Fortune City. Obviously fixed now!!!

Special thanks and a BIG welcome to the NLW Racing family of sponsors for DOT COM Computer Systems. Give Ross a call for all your computer needs. A new computer will mean a big increase in news and photo's for my website. Also a new e-mail address will be added soon!

I have entered in more newsletters from the archives and a review of the KISS Concert I attended in Adelaide on 1 April 2001. Scroll down for details on how to find review.

Otherwise the new car is coming along, with parts being sourced and paid for as I find them. I'll be doing the "Swap Meet" rounds for minor bit's & pieces, but in the meantime, if anyone has an #1850 (600 Cfm V/S) Holley Carb going cheap, please let me know.

Check out The Car page for latest details on new car.

See ya for now...

03 May 2001

I've added some old photo's to my Photo Album. One from my first year racing in the original Monza and another showing my first win at Kihikihi in 1998 and my next win at Rotorua 2 years later. Still looking for new car construction photo's!!

Over the next few weeks I will be entering in my old newsletters, from the start in 1996 until now.

27 April 2001

HELP!!!! I need a 9" diff head, preferably with 6.5 gears, if anyone can help, please contact me on e-mail at, please!!! Remember I own a race car and aren't all race car owners very poor??? So a good to fantastic price would be great. (GOT ONE NOW, THANKS' PORRY!!)

20 April 2001

I've added Barry Tidd Panel & Paint to my sponsors list, check it out especially if you are thinking of building a new race car or need repairs to an existing one. I have also added a link to NZ Saloon Cars. This site helps to promote our class.

Have a look.

19 April 2001

Well, the car heads off to Rangiora this weekend. I hope Kyle has as much fun as I've had with the car. Still looking for photo's of new car being built. I will dedicate a new page to the construction of my new car when photo's found. See you at the swap meet???

12 April 2001

Thanks' for the supportive comments in my guest book, I'm relieved other people find the site interesting.

With the car sold there will be no Easter travels this year. Time to start work on the new car again. Special thanks' should go to everyone helping with my project, so far, with the BIGGEST THANK YOU going to BARRY TIDD! Thanks' mate!!!! I'm trying to find some photo's of the progress of the new car, will post them on site when found.

Happy Easter to all the speedway fan's out there and if you're racing over Easter, don't forget your snorkel & flippers????

Good luck and I sincerely hope it doesn't rain!!!

09 April 2001

Congratulations to Kyle in Rangiora, the new owner of the 9H Corvette!!

Will have to get to work on completing the new 9H Camaro.

P.S. A very piss poor turnout yesterday at Barry's for our end of season get together.

Good on ya, for fronting up, Lawrie, Jo, Owen, Mike, Louise, Shania, Tony and daughter, Gordon (pole-line) Pollock, Barry's sister, brother-in-law and family and Red who rang and apologised for not making it because of work commitments.

A huge thanks to Barry (Hopoate) Tidd and Sandra for putting on a great day. It was very much appreciated!!!

08 April 2001

Four lookers this morning and 1 in the afternoon. Another 6 calls. Who will take the car???

07 April 2001

What a bloody ripper trip!!! KISS were absolutely awesome, as per usual!!!!

The phone rang red hot while I was away, judging by the number of calls on the caller display unit. Funny though, only 3 msg's on the answer machine?? Obviously a lot of tyre kickers ringing.

Click on left picture for KISS's Online Website. Click on right picture for a Concert Review from an Adelaide newspaper 4 April 2001.

28 March 2001

Fly out to Melbourne & then on to Adelaide tomorrow morning. Off to see KISS on their world Farewell Tour. Update you when I get back. Ad is in Dirt Track for April, it will be interesting to see how many calls I get while I am away???

28 March 2001

Team 4 Racing,

Would like to invite all Ltd Saloon Car Drivers and their families to our B.Y.O. (food & grog) BBQ!

Date:     8th April 2001 (Sunday)

Time:    1pm onwards...

Venue:  923 Morrinsville Road
               Ph: 07 824-1070

RSVP:  By 31st March 2001 - PLEASE!!!


17 March 2001

Did a bit more work on the car today and found that I had buckled the RR rim and bent the rose joint on the steering. Again nothing major, but meant my last minute decision to run at Huntly tonight was shot in the foot. Oh well, that's racing.

11 March 2001

Finally decided to fix car today. Needed to replace bottom ball joint, brake disc and heat & bend front bumper back into shape. Upon removing brake disc the extent of the damage was a little clearer. The shock had been ripped from it's bottom mount and needed removing. Also bent the bottom arm where the shock mounted. Nothing major though and a few twists and pulls with a crescent and hammer fixed that. All back together now. Just need to do the bumper. Glad to see everything worked as it should when I hit the wall.

02 March 2001

Spent all last night putting a borrowed powerglide into the car, thanks Barry, and making some structural changes to the rear of the car to "soften it up" a bit and improve visibility. Hopefully we can go RACING this weekend and complete my first race of the almost finished season!!!!!

28 February 2001


As feared the powerglide trans is @$%#ed!!! Where to from here? Back to sponsors, yet again!!!!

19 February 2001

After being frustrated with yesterdays efforts at Kihikihi, I ripped out the powerglide trans tonight and will take it in to Marshall Transmissions tomorrow to inspect it. I am hopeful it's something minor as it still works, somewhat,!!! However, knowing my luck of late, it will be stuffed. Started mucking around with the rear of the car. Lowering the body by 2 inches to improve rear visibility and handling. I always seem to start missions when I'm pissed off!!!!!