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3 September 1999, Season Introduction   |   6 January 2000, Paradise Valley Raceway, Rotorua
3 September 1999, Season Introduction

Newsletter No: 1



Welcome to a new year of Speedway, guaranteed to be full of thrill's, spill's, smashes and crashes and I'm sure I'll be involved in most of them???

First, I'll start with a couple of apologies;

1) No newsletter last season!

This was due to me not racing as I had sold my car. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be and the car has been returned to me. New car not finished yet, still need a big sponsorship deal.

2) Newsletter no longer personalised!

Technology changes with the computer and my total lack of understanding of the changes, means no more personalised newsletter's. Sorry!!

Now into the good stuff. THANK YOU to you all for your continued support again this season. As I've said before, and will say again, and again, and again, and (get the point??), I can't do what I enjoy without your support.

I will be racing the old Monza again this season. I have completely redone the suspension in the car, so hopefully it will handle better and go faster.

Special thanks to Greg and the team at Waikato Sandblasting Services, the new trailer now looks awesome!!!

I have included a Race Programme for this season. Make a night to bring your family out to the track to have a look. I can strongly recommend the fireworks night on 39 October 1999. The club usually spends well over $10,000 on fireworks. The racing will provide it's own special blend of "fireworks", I'm sure!!!

If you are considering coming out to the track, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, so I can arrange overalls or Team Uniforms to allow Pit access for you!!

All the best, keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of this extremely interesting and informative bulletin????