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18 February 2001, Kihikihi Speedway


Here we go again. Today we went to Kihikihi Speedway to hopefully get a race finished!!!!

The day was stinking hot so it would be a good test on everyone's cooling systems.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be our day again, as the transmission failed again!!!! It was obviously not the easy fix we had hoped for last meeting. It was very frustrating as the car will drive quite fine until it gets on to the track and then it just won't bloody well go????

The rest of the programme included the North Island / NZ (not sure?) Minisprint champs. It was very pleasing to see 2 South Island cars competing. They were very quick too! Unfortunately, for the drivers, but excellent for the small crowd, the track rutted up badly causing several spectacular roll overs.

Next outing for us will be the NI Modified champs at Huntly on 3 March. See ya there ...?