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15 November 2003, Huntly   |   16 November 2003, Kihikihi   |   20 December 2003, Huntly   |   25 January 2004, Kihikihi
25 January 2004, Kihikihi



Today was basically just a practice day to see if the alterations to the car would work, or not! They worked!!!!!!!!

I started off the rear of a small field of cars in each heat, about 1/2 a straights length behind.

1st race and I started and finished about the same distance behind the other 3 cars as I had started. I wasn't pushing the car, or myself, and found the handling to be superb on a fast drying race surface.

2nd race, no changes to setup and out we went again. I started in the same spot as last time and caught the field a couple of times before backing off and re-chasing each time. I managed a donut at the Rodeo end (I hate that corner), on what was now a very slick track, but was quickly back on the pace. A couple of spun cars enabled me to eventually pick up 2 spots and finish 3rd.

3rd race, and unfortunately back to 4 cars again. Same deal as previous two races. This time I dropped the pressure in my right rear by 1lb to try and get a little more side bite in the very "black" track. Again I had no problem catching the field after a few laps, but the track surface was so slippery I just had a mission keeping the car straight. Wheel spinning down the straights, with very little traction being the order of the day.

All in all a very successful day for all concerned and I am confident again in the cars ability, just have to up my standards...

Next weekend will see Huntly hosting the Waikato Ltd Saloon Champs on Saturday night, followed by the King Country Ltd Saloon Champs at Kihikihi on Sunday.

See ya there...