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15 November 2003, Huntly   |   16 November 2003, Kihikihi   |   20 December 2003, Huntly   |   25 January 2004, Kihikihi
16 November 2003, Kihikihi



The NLW Racing Team headed to Kihikihi, for their Opening Meeting.

There were 16 Ltd Saloons on hand to contest the Ford Sponsored "Early Bird Series".

I drew grid 2 for the first race on a track that was perfect EXCEPT for a rather large puddle of water on the exit of turn 2. To cut a long story short, I caught the edge of the puddle on lap 3 and with the "encouragement" of the car behind I was spun out in front of 13 cars going hard. This caused a massive pile up resulting in the front of my car being badly damaged and another cars front end being completely destroyed.


I feel that this incident was completely avoidable due to a lack of action by infield officials during the Sprint car & Mini Sprint warm up. This puddle could of been dispersed then, but wasn't!

Some would say that's racing?????????????

See ya...