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15 November 2003, Huntly   |   16 November 2003, Kihikihi   |   20 December 2003, Huntly   |   25 January 2004, Kihikihi
15 November 2003, Huntly



Finally, the NLW Racing Team headed to Huntly, for our first race meeting of the 2003 / 2004 season.

My good engine was back in the car and all preparations had been made. I have to admit feeling extremely nervous about how the car was going to perform with the new, bigger horsepower engine.

A mix of Supers and Limiteds making nine cars were on hand.

The track was very wet for race 1. I drew grid 3, finishing 8th. I found the car impossible to handle on the slippery surface with absolutely NO traction. What I was happy about though, was that the new engine seemed to be performing very well...

The track was perfect for race 2. I was on grid 7. A great start saw me make up a couple of places and the car was performing very, very well! Unfortunately a coming together with myself and another Driver saw me lose my left rear tyre and resulted in a DNF.

After changing the left rear wheel we were ready for Race 3. I was on grid 1 for the feature and looking forward to the challenge. The start saw me back to 2nd spot in the first turn and with a smaller left rear tyre the cars handling was not what it should be. I slipped to the rear of the field within a couple of laps and so I decided to have a play and try a few things. A few close shaves with the wall later and the race was over. I eventually placed 6th.

Overall a disappointing start to the season, but with no major damage and the new engine performing exceptionally well, I was ready to head to Kihikihi for their opening meeting tomorrow.

See ya...