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27 April 2003, Kihikihi



Finally, back on the track...

12 Ltd Saloons turned up on an overcast, but hot day at Kihikihi Speedway today.

1st race saw me draw grid 4. A great start saw me take the lead for the first lap until I was overtaken by 17M Tony Heuvel and on the next lap by 69M Jeff Barron. Unfortunately I was laying down a major smoke screen again, but I still managed to hold on to finish 3rd. A great finish for my first race back in a while....

2nd race, I was on grid 7. Another good start saw me up into 3rd place again, where I stayed for 8 laps before "over doing it" on turn 1 and spinning out. The smoking problem was better thanks to some help from Craig (Peg Leg), but still there, so I pulled to the infield and decided to call it quits for the day.

All in all a great day with some excellent racing on a tricky race surface.

Next planned outing will be on 11 May at Kihikihi, where I will be returning a favour to my Major Sponsor "Waikato Sandblasting Services Ltd".

See ya there...