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What's Up...?

What I am up to during the season and off season, etc. ...

25 January 2018

Well, not a lot has happened since my last up-date in 2013.

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The last 5 years have seen me too busy with my responsibilities as Vice-President at Huntly PlaceMakers Speedway to even consider trying to race, but after 20 odd years on the Committee, I retired at the end of last season.

Unfortunately, the motivation to go racing has gone, and the expense to "catch-up", just in safety gear alone, doesn't help...

I am enjoying the time-out and simply being a spectator.  I have enjoyed travelling with the Roigard Racing Team to other tracks, so we'll see how my "motivation" goes, as time moves on.



16 August 2019

Car is now for sale on Trademe.  Finally decided that enough is enough, time to stop procrastinating and let someone else have a go.