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Nigel Wilton

A Personal Profile...

(Scroll down for personal photos below)

Name:                                       Nigel Wilton

Date of Birth:                         25 July 1965

Place of Birth:                       Masterton, New Zealand

Occupation:                          Finance Officer

Home Town:                         Hamilton

Partner:                                 Working on it...

Children:                              Lisa & Ian

Hobbies:                              Rugby (still playing!), Motor Racing,

Favourite Drink:               Waikato Draught, Jim Beam, Diet Coke

Dislikes:                             Negative people who have huge ego's and
                                             any political B/S in any Sport!

Started Racing:              1996 / 1997 Season at Huntly Speedway

Favourite Track:            Huntly Placemakers Speedway

Best Race Memory:      FIRST WIN!!!!!!!

Current Car:                   2009 VE Commodore

Previous Car(s):           1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Car Number:                  9H

Career Highlights:
First Year - Most Improved Driver
1996 / 1997.

Qualifying 8th (42 Cars) Waikato Ltd Saloon Champs,
1997 / 1998 season.

Winning Feature Race of Ltd Saloon Invitation Meeting at
Kihikihi Speedway, 1 March 1998.  This race also doubled as my very first race win!!

Winning first race at Paradise Valley Speedway, Rotorua, 4 January 2000.

Winning Feature Race at Huntly Placemakers Speedway, 19 January 2013.  This was also my first Win at Huntly.

Below are some fun times, not related to speedway...

Halloween 2001 - Me as Gene Simmons.

Queenstown, October 2002

During the summer I was invited to play Village Cricket in the Cambridge team with some friends from Rugby.  This is a Thames Valley wide Sunday cricket league.  Rules are simple, 30 overs per side, with a max of 3 overs per bowler (5 step run up) and you have to retire if you score 50 runs while batting.  We were fortunate enough to make the final where we played Te Awamutu.  Unfortunately I can not remember the score, but I do remember that WE WON!

Some very 'sad' photos follow... lol

RV (Chris Richtervisser) Showing A Steely Determination On His Way To 50 Runs

Mike Sheeran Showing Some Controlled Aggression While Bumpa (Mark Terry) Looks On From the
Non-Strikers End, with Ashley Boyd Umpiring

Back Row: Rubberman (Bruce Robertson), Bumpa (Mark Terry), Red aka Hobbit (Glen Bruce), Malcolm Boyd, Mike Sheeran, Mess
Front Row: Ian Wilton, Hundie (Nigel Wilton) Speaky (aka Gold Medalist), Ashley Boyd - Captain/Selector, Cuz (Craig Lomey),
RV (Chris Richtervisser)
Absent: PT (Paul Taumanu), Jason Pope

Cambridge - The Winners of the Village Cricket Competition 2007
The Official Triumphant Team Photos

The Tour Party in OZ - Hautapu Hopefools, August 2007

First Night on The Piss...

I Made a Miraculous Recovery - Movie World

Dirty Harry Bar - Movie World

Eating Healthy at 2am - Subway Surfers Paradise

Holding a Live Snake - Dreamworld

Gotta Love Those Shirts - Dreamworld

The 3 Big Whales at Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Meter Maid Angels

Some Of The Team with Colin 'Pinetree' Meads At Prizegiving 2008

My Fellow Front Rower Scotty Wallis & I With The Waikato 3rd Division Cup 2008