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The Camaro

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Technical Profile...

Make:                                 Chevrolet

Model:                               1994 Camaro

Chassis:                           Space-frame, Kuriger Copy

Built By:                          Barry Tidd & Nigel Wilton

Year Built:                      Started:        1997
                                          Completed: 2002

Weight:                           1120 kg's @ 16 December 2006 (Without Driver)

Body:                              Fibreglass by, "Judea Fibreglass", Tauranga

Engine:                          355 Chevrolet, V8

Engine Built By:         Cambridge Engine Services

Carb:                              Holley 1850, 600cfm, Vacuum Secondaries

Fuel:                              Race Gas / AvGas

Transmission:           Chevrolet 3-Speed Manual

Differential:                 Ford 9", 6.5 Ratio

Suspension - Front: Coil Overs

Suspension - Rear:  Torsion (By Kevin Moore)

Tyres:                           Hoosier

Signwriting:                Display Associates 2000