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Upgrades - 2008 / 2009

10 October 2008

Have done the usual trick and started a massive rebuild and alteration schedule at the end of the rugby season, so won't be ready for Opening Night at Huntly, yet again.

Have completed gutted car as both front and rear bumpers were stuffed and have made some changes to front & rear suspensions to improve on last seasons events.  Also replacing Body as it is also stuffed.

A big thank you to Warren from Designer Bars for supplying the steel for these upgrades and to Greg Powell of Waikato Sandblasting for the new Body.

Have Moved Grill To Allow Access To Behind Dash

Have Replaced Roll Cage V Behind Seat

Changed Position of Chassis Bracing to support Roll Cage Better

New Top A-Arm Mounts.  Should Hopefully Give More Reliability & Be Easier to Repair

New Top & Bottom Arms Made

26 October 2008

Have carried on with the 'demolition' of the car, in preparation for new torsion tubes and body.

The Whole Back End Of The Car Has Now Been Stripped Ready For New Torsion's & New Body