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1 October 2002 to 30 September 2003

15 October 2002

Well, I have given up on having the car ready for Opening Night at Huntly. Just not enough hours in the day. I will be there for the next meeting, on 2 November, for sure!!

28 October 2002

Wahoooo, finally got the new car out on the track at Kihikihi. Thanks to John & Nick McDonald for their assistance in setting up the car and welding in the last seat belt bracket.

Check out the results page and newsletter to see how the day went.

Thanks to Greg Maxted for the Photo...

4 November 2002

Check out my Results and Newsletter from Huntly last weekend.

I have also just added the Points for Ltd & Super Saloons.

21 November 2002

Yes I know, finally an update.

Been flat out at work and busy trying to figure out why car isn't running very well.

Ripped Valley off, after consulting Jim at Cambridge Engine Services.  Finally found the problem with the engine. No 1 inlet push rod broken and missing.  Found 1/3 down by the oil pump and the other 2/3 found trapped behind the RH Bank of push rods. Lifter also dislodged and found at RH rear of valley. No 7 inlet rocker at 90 degrees and obviously not working, along with No 1 exhaust rocker at 90 degrees also.

Easily fixed, thank God. Replaced and refitted valley. Have sent rocker covers away to get breathers welded over to stop any repeat of fires at Kihikihi, so we should be all go and running on 8 cylinders this Saturday night at Huntly.
Have also added old photo's of progress work on car.

24 November 2002

Time for another update. Car is safely back in the garage and the bonnet damage from last night isn't as bad as first thought, but it will definitely require a trip to The Fibreglass Shop!!!

Results and Newsletter added regarding last nights meeting at Huntly Speedway.

See ya next Saturday night at Huntly for the A Grade Teams Racing Tri-Series and The Waikato Super Saloon Champ's.

26 November 2002

Have just started repairing bonnet and found that I have also broken the RH steering rose joint. Easy fix.

Stood down at Huntly next week so I will be venturing north of the Bombay's for the first time in 5 years. Looking forward to trying out their new facilities and track surface.

28 November 2002

Added photo's from last 2 meetings at Huntly to the photo album and newsletters.  Thanks to Graeme of GM Photo's.

Bonnet repairs completed and rose joint replaced. Need to check set up Sat morning before we head off to Waikaraka Park.

30 November 2002

Not a great night at Waikaraka Park. Check out results and newsletter.

6 December 2002

I have finally found out how to add a PDF file to these web sites.

Car fixed up last night and set up re-done. Thanks John.

All go for the weekend at Huntly on Saturday night and Kihikihi on Sunday, weather permitting.

See ya there...

8 December 2002


The rain defeated us all and as I type this update at 7.40pm on Sunday it is beautiful and sunny outside!!!!

Oh well. It meant I was able to manage a few more little alterations to the car, thanks to Barry Tidd. I have added bonnet hold down pins to eliminate the bonnet flying up again.

Next meeting is the NZ Saloon Grand Prix at Huntly this Friday & Saturday nights.

See ya there...

17 December 2002


After last Friday nights 2 lap debacle I have finally located the electrical problem causing the car to break down when hot. All due to a visit to Greg Pickerill Auto Electrical. Thanks Greg!!!!


Believe it, or not, I spent far too much money on a coil and ended up with too much power, resulting in the condenser failing, leading to the points burning out. I have now replaced the expensive coil with a cheaper GT40 coil and hopefully the job will now be right!!!!

Next race meeting at Bay Park on 28 December 2002.

See ya there...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all. Drink and eat heaps and be damn careful on them thar roads over the holiday break, PLEASE!!!!!!!

19 December 2002

Added some new pictures to photo album showing Myself & crew getting set to go to Kihikihi in October. Also scroll down to see the damage caused with engine problems after that meeting.

Below are some photo's of my beloved children Lisa & Ian at a recent Halloween party.

Lisa on the left & Ian on the right.

At the Party.

26 December 2002

Ate too much, drunk too much, in vege mode now.... Must be Xmas!!!!!!

Hope you have all survived the mayhem and are looking forward to doing it all again next week for New Years.

My plans are to head to Bay Park, for the first time, this weekend, where I will be joined by Robin Greenland debuting his new Mustang.

Might see ya there...

28 December 2002

Well, just back from Bay Park. Had another night to forget. Electrical problem fixed only to be replaced with the engine seizing up after 9 laps of the first race. Oil was being pumped out of the breather very quickly. End of engine, instantly. It appears the NEW car doesn't like me and I am probably out for the rest of the season, if the damage is terminal.

On a happier note, I absolutely loved it at Bay Park. Great facility, great track, BIG numbers. A vast improvement over last years visit, when I crewed for a new saloon driver.

Well done to Peter Harford and his crew.

I'll check the engine out over the next week and let you all know. In the mean time if anyone has access to some "money tree seeds" please let me

Happy New Year to you all...

2 January 2003


I trust you all had a great New Year and the hangovers weren't too tough...

I saw the New Year in surrounded by 15,000 teenagers at the Surf Club in Whangamata. What a hoot, I can tell you....LOL

Back home today to reality and to take the engine out of the race car and find out what happened at Baypark.

The damage has now been checked and the problem found!

The sump was still full of oil, so the oil coming out of the breather was only minor and a false alarm. (Apparently this can happen with a high volume oil pump, in a Chev.)

A big hole in the sump on one side and a small hole on the other did not make me feel too well. When the sump was lifted it was full of little metal shavings (funny that I here you all say) and we found No: 1 Piston sitting at top of bore as the connecting rod had snapped. Gudgeon pin on Piston seized. So an expensive ashtray for sale...LOL

Camshaft snapped behind at front.

All in all, nothing too major, but will still require some seeds for a "money tree"!! Anyone have any spare??????

I'll pop over to Cambridge tomorrow and see Jim at Cambridge Engine Services and see what we can do...

I have taken photo's so you can all share in my misery...sob, sob

See ya at Huntly for the NZ Std Stock Champs 17 & 18 January. BE THERE!!!!!!!

5 January 2003


Well the engine needs to be completely stripped down and the remaining rods crack tested to ensure another one doesn't break.

Need a new cam, piston and con rod. A general inspection of the block and freshen up and reassemble motor.

Unfortunately, I don't have the funds available for a midseason rebuild so "that's it" for my season. BUGGER!!!!!!

I'll catch you at Huntly and if you have been reading my web site, please make yourself known to me...


11 January 2003

On a very serious note, A big Congratulations to MacGor (and Mrs MacGor) for their recent Spa Pool win! I'll bet they have had heaps of "new" & "old" friends coming out of the woodwork to try out the new

To Gordon especially, THANK YOU!!!  When I have let "life" and "racing problems" get me down , YOUR kind and thoughtful words (to basically a stranger) have given me the motivation to carry on... So, again, a more deserving winner I can not think of...

The same goes to my mates Barry Tidd & Robin Greenland and also to the "ever young with a bourbon in his hands" Porry... I would have chucked it all in last year (and early this year) if it wasn't for your guy's support. CHEERS!!!

OK, that is the end of the sentimental stuff that I "REALLY" needed to say.

To all my loyal visitors, I also say thank you and with the advent of a minor/major miracle I hope to be back racing as soon as possible, but probably not until next season.

ROLL ON 2003, As Gordon told me, "Your luck, like ours, will change soon!!!!!"

16 January 2003


Here are the photo's of the damage......................

Obvious damage to Sump on both sides didn't make me feel too good at all...

Sump off with stuffed piston sitting on top.

Snapped Con Rod!

Piston Reunited with Con Rod...

One Knackered Piston!!!!!

I have also added some old photo's to the photo album from 1998/1999 Season...

25 January 2003


Thanks' to the generosity of Martin Halcrow 2NZ, I will hopefully be back on track for next weekend's Champ's at Bay Park.

Check out Porry's Vintage Stock Car for some action pic's from last Saturday's NZ Std Stock Meeting at Huntly Speedway.....

31 January 2003

What a week... car almost back in 1 piece... just have to fit, adjust and bleed hydraulic clutch and all will be done. Have a pretty good feeling how Wayne Hemi must have been feeling the week before last. Fired up engine last night. Not as crisp as main engine, but will hopefully get me round Bay Park for at least 3

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, support and assistance. Thanks Porry for the last minute bits and pieces.

See you all at Bay Park tomorrow night for the Unofficial NZ Ltd Saloon Champ's.

2 February 2003

Well all I can say is BUGGER!

A fantastic night at Bay Park, great surface hard fast racing and an excellent final race.

Unfortunately, more damage for the 9H Saloon...It is not to be my

Check out my newsletter and my results for more...

8 February 2003

Photo's added from last weekend at Baypark.

10 February 2003

Check out the Huntly Saloons site for Saloon Meeting details.

24 February 2003


Not a lot happening, due to a lack of $$$ available to spend on the race car....

But in saying that, the axle has been straightened, thanks Bruno, and repairs are under way to try and get the car ready for the Waikato Ltd Saloon Champs on 8 March 2003.

I'll keep you posted over the next couple of weeks on my progress.

28 March 2003

Still nothing to report. Repairs are "very" slowly being effected on the car. Axle has been straightened, new bearings fitted. Still have to weld chassis back together and straighten diff housing.

I have updated the Saloon Points just in time for the closing meeting tomorrow night....

Catch ya later...

6 April 2003

A busy week repairing the car to race at Kihikihi today was foiled by the weather. Special thanks to Ritchie for the welding and Tony at Giles Toolshed for the Gas Plant.

27 April 2003


Fine weather, the car repaired, Kihikihi Speedway, last minute decision....all in all a great day....

Check out the Newsletter & Results for today's news and placings.

It was also a pleasure to finally meet Greg Maxted today, a young man who is totally dedicated to Speedway and to Kihikihi Speedway.

See you at Kihikihi next Sunday 4 May 2003 for the Valvoline Ltd Saloon Teams Cup, between Kihikihi, Huntly and Bay Park.

24 May 2003

Sorry about the lack of updates....

Not a lot to report. Season is now over. Just remits meeting next Wednesday 28th at the track at 7.30pm, AGM at Glenview Club on Friday 30th at 7pm and then the Prizegiving/Cabaret on the 7th of June at Te Rapa Racecourse.

Finally had the pleasure of taking Greg Powell, my Major Sponsor from Waikato Sandblasters Ltd, for a spin in the new car at Kihikihi. He drove like a pro. Might have a new driver next year???? I'll add photo's when they have been received.

Thanks to everyone for their support in what has been a trying year with engine blow up's and major damage....

Off season will see me tidy up the car by replacing damaged panels and a small adjustment of the top A-Arm on the right hand side. Otherwise nothing to do until next year....yippeeeeeeeeee

Rugby is now in full swing and the Hopefool's are going OK....

Catch ya all later....

18 July 2003

Happy 30th Birthday little Sis...

Not a great deal happening otherwise....stay tuned....

27 July 2003

Well, it appears that good things can come from bad...

Thanks to Peter Kuriger for "ambushing" the SNZ Conference delegates with His (???) proposal to amalgamate the two major Saloon classes. It is with great pleasure I am able to advise the affect that this had on bringing together the Ltd Saloon class drivers, like never before. The camaraderie between Ltd Saloon drivers has always been exceptionally good, with ego and attitude problems being very, very far and few between.

Look out SNZ, we are coming together and our proposal makes more sense than anything I have seen to date!!!!

And to any Super Drivers or Southern A-Grade drivers reading this, WE DON'T WANT TO CHANGE ANYTHING YOU DO!!!!! And our proposal still allows the status quo, but clears up all loose ends and gives everyone what they want! Maybe that is too simple???? Hmmmmmm time will tell....

Otherwise another year has clicked over for me, more grey hairs,

The Hopefool's have won 2 on a trot....crikey we are on a roll....bus trip to Tokoroa next weekend, could be messy....glad I don't drink much...LOL...

Till next time...

10 August 2003

Well, another good win yesterday for the Hopefool's. We have now, hopefully, guaranteed a home semi-final. Another win, should mean a home final, all going well!

The car is still awaiting it's good engine and a couple of new side panels, otherwise all ready to go.